Win $1000 for your digital story!

The competition has now closed – check out our report on this year’s event, and all the entries here.

DIGITAL STORY COMP_FLYER_extendedWe’re looking for people to create digital resources based on books in the Living Archive. Individuals, schools and organisations from around Australia are invited to enter. All the resources must be based on a book or text already in the archive, with the permission of people who ‘own’ the story.  Examples include:

  • Recording a native speaker telling or reading the story
  • Recording a dramatization of the story
  • Creating an interactive book or website based on the story
  • Claymation / animation version of the story
  • Any other creative ideas you can come up with!

 Here’s what to do:

  1. Choose a story in the Living Archive which is important or interesting to you.
  2. Contact the person who can give permission for you to use the story (usually the author and/or illustrator or whoever is named on the ‘About’ page for that book in the archive).
    • If you live outside the community and want to make contact with the person who can give you permission, try making contact through the school or another organisation, e.g. Art Centre and ask them to connect you to the right person. You can find a list of schools and their contact details at
    • If you’ve tried this but can’t find the right person, contact us and we will do our best to help you
  3. Show them the story on the archive or print out a version for them.
  4. Think of what you might like to do with the story, and discuss that with the story owner. Work out an idea together.
  5. Make your digital story, and show it to the story owner.
  6. Download this PERMISSION FORM, and ask the story owner to sign if they are happy for your version of their story to be included in the Living Archive, under the Terms and Conditions of the Creative Commons license. Upload this signed document with your entry form
  7. Fill out the ENTRY FORM telling us about your resource, including
    • how and why you chose the story
    • who you talked to and how you decided what to do with the story
    • how you created your digital resource.
  8. Make sure you have read and understood all the Terms and Conditions of the competition.
  9. Upload your entry form and digital file and tell your friends about it using the #LAALcomp
  10. If you have a story or text in an Indigenous language of the NT which is not currently available on the archive, contact to see if it can be included. If it can, then you could use this new text to create a digital resource.




This competition is made possible by a bequest from the late Mrs Denise Millar, who was a supporter of Indigenous languages in education. Before her death in December 2014, Mrs Millar requested that money be donated to the Living Archive project in lieu of flowers at her funeral. The Living Archive project team gratefully acknowledge the kind contributions made in her name, and wish to publicly thank Mrs Millar and her family, and those who generously contributed to her request.