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Ever wanted to read LAAL books when you’re not online? Or save a set of books to your own device?

We’ve developed a mobile app to allow users to download items from the Living Archive directly to a mobile device. This is ideal for users who want to store all their stories on their phone or tablet to use when they’re not connected to the Internet.

The app is available now for Android on Google Play, and for iOS on iTunes.

  • Stories from all over the NT
  • 50 different Indigenous languages
  • Most with illustrations
  • Many with English translations
  • Read as PDF documents
  • Select by place, language or person
  • Create your own library of books
  • Add your own bookmarks
  • New titles added regularly
  • Read stories while offline


LAAL Reader on the App Store on iTunes

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Thanks to the team at AI Remote and CorrelLink for making this happen.