For linguists

Part of the Living Archive project involves ‘Search and rescue’ of language materials. We’re looking for text-based materials in NT languages by Indigenous authors produced outside the bilingual education program, particularly unpublished items, including those stored in language centres, schools, libraries and private collections.

If you have or know of materials that you think should go into the archive, we’d love to hear from you. View our Collections Policy and Offer of Materials.

We are also working through the collection of materials in the Batchelor Institute Centre for Australian Languages and Linguistics collection (CALL). 

To make this a living archive, we want to encourage linguists and other researchers to engage with the materials and with the original creators of the materials – see here. If we can help facilitate that, please contact us.

If you would like to suggest corrections or modifications to texts (for example, if there are errors in the text file due to limitations of the Optical Character Recognition software), we would love to hear from you also.