Preparing for text, images and audio

In creating an e-book/talking book some preparation is required before you get started. You will need to create folders and organise your




Create a new FOLDER where you keep your work  and label it E-books (or Talking Books). Open this folder and create a new folder and label it the title of the book. Open that folder and create three more folders and label them

1. Text, 2. Images, 3. Audio

Label this Folder E-Books one folder

Inside the E-book Folder label this Folder the title of the book one folder

Inside the title of the book  Folder label the 3  Folders

Audioone folder2 Images

one folder

 3 Text

one folder

PLEASE NOTE Images can be photos, scanned illustrations, clip art and video.

 On a PC your Saved Folders might look similar to the example below

Save in E-book Folder

Saved Folders -all